Nursing Home Negligence

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As much as we want to believe nursing homes are safe, they may actually provide a dangerous environment for your loved one. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for nursing home employees to take advantage of and even abuse the elderly. If you believe your loved one has experienced nursing home negligence, we’re here for you. Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C. can provide you the aggressive representation your loved one needs.

Types of nursing home negligence include:

  • Failing to maintain personal hygiene
  • Neglecting medical care
  • Emotional, physical, financial, or sexual abuse

If your loved one is showing the following nursing home abuse signs, contact our attorneys immediately:

  • Unexplained welts, scars, or other injuries
  • Bruises around genitals
  • Unhealthy weight loss or malnutrition
  • Stained or bloodied clothing
  • Suspicious billing charges or changes in your loved one’s bank account

Nursing home negligence is a serious and prevalent issue with severe consequences. Whether your loved one failed to receive their medication or slept in unsanitary bed sheets, your loved one deserves to be treated better. Our experienced attorneys at Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C. are dedicated to protecting your loved one from future harm. With our high quality legal services, we can help you obtain justice for your loved one.

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Finding a nursing home for your loved one can be difficult, but finding lawyers you can trust is easy when you have Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C. We can provide you with the expertise you need for your case. When you work with one of our injury attorneys, you receive the utmost personal attention and excellent legal counsel. We can gather the evidence necessary to reinforce your case, and assertively represent you in court. You can get the knowledgeable experience you need from us.

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Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C. puts your loved one’s needs first. Protecting the rights of your loved one is at the forefront of our multi-disciplinary law firm, which is why we go to great lengths to invest in your case. Your loved one deserves to live at ease in a safe environment, so let us help.

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