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With more than 120 years of combined experience, our attorneys at Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C, have focused their attention on fighting for individuals facing injury or disability. Our personal injury attorney have amassed the extensive legal knowledge and sharpened skills necessary to aggressively and effectively represent our clients in their negligence claims.

All cases deserve personal attention

Regardless what caused your injury or disability, we understand that the anxieties that accompany it can be enormous and all-encompassing. You may be personally submerged in a sea of emotions and worry. At Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C, we seek to alleviate your concerns and give each of our clients the personal attention their cases deserve.

Our personal injury attorney will work diligently on your behalf, tirelessly providing you with strong and strategic legal counsel, no matter what the cause of your personal injury. Contact Matt Richardson to handle your personal injury matter.

Some of the cases that we can provide aggressive advocacy for include:

  • Auto & truck accidents: According the Missouri Department of Transportation, one person is injured in a vehicular accident every 10 minutes, and a person is killed every 11 hours. Victims of these accidents face numerous consequences ranging from bodily injury, permanent disability, and wrongful death.
  • Medical negligence: Placing your health in the hands of another requires enormous faith and trust. When these doctors, nurses, therapists, hospitals or dentists fail to provide an acceptable standard of care, or are inept, devastating results can occur.
  • Wrongful death: Bereavement is especially difficult when the death of a family member is due to another individual’s negligence. Compounding the sorrow is the sudden loss of the financial and emotional stability that was provided by the deceased.
  • Nursing home negligence: The elderly are often the most frail and susceptible to harm. Unfortunately, nursing home negligence can come in many serious forms, including neglect and physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse.
  • Railroad accidents: Victims of railroad accidents often suffer catastrophic and lifelong injuries. Often due to conductor error, these accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including negligence, malfunction, or derailment.
  • Product liability: Companies who bring their products to market, from consumer merchandise to prescription drugs, are required by law to be safe. Manufacturers may be charged with product liability if their goods are defective, or if they fail to provide adequate instructions or warnings.

Our firm knows that not all damages are physical

At Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C, we realize the financial strain of dealing with a personal injury or disability. Medical bills and loss of income can compound your monetary burdens and worry. That’s why we don’t get paid until while we recover a compensation for your damages and loss. You owe us nothing until we reach a settlement in your claim.

Our personal injury attorney wants to make your representation as convenient as possible. We offer walk-in and weekend appointments.

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